“I was afraid it was going to fall…” – BackPack Review

Christina, aka iChris, has a nice review of the BackPack. A highlight was the weight test. “With easiness, I lightly put it on there, and then let go, and it held up! Then I put my USB hub on it too, and it worked fine, and I kept on adding more and more and it just kept holding up. The BackPack can hold up to 5 pounds and it’s amazing.” Full Review: http://chrismarie.com/?p=178

Her ‘Unboxing’ is cool too. I love when people open up the BackPack and realize it’s a “little confusing at first but once you get it, it’s like, oh and then, yea,” [4:28] and “it’s not heavy, but it’ll make a loud sound if you drop it.” [3:40] Unboxing of the BackPack

Nice job Christina. Keep up the good work.

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