If you’re looking for BookArc or BackPack at a US retail store…

If you are a ‘complete Mactard‘ like us and BookArc or BackPack is on your Holiday wishlist, here are US retail stores you can find a BookArc or BackPack this Holiday season.

Apple Store US and Canada/Europe/Australia/Japan. We are so proud to say Twelve South products are available in most Apple Stores on the planet. The dream store (remember when there weren’t Apple Stores?) is host to the BookArc and BackPack. The team there will be happy to help find them for you. Hint – they’re usually in the Mac Accessories section near Apple adapters and cables.

Best Buy. Best Buy locations that have the Apple Store-within-a-Store all have BookArcs and BackPacks. They just arrived (Nov 09) so pop in and make sure they look good on display for us. If you don’t see them out and available – ask. They should be there and the great Best Buy staff will be happy to help you find them.

Of course, you don’t have to get out of your PJs to get your Twelve South goods delivered to your doorstep. We are still offering FREE shipping in the US right from Twelve South.com.

Buy Twelve South BackPack here – with FREE US shipping

Buy Twelve South BookArc here – with FREE US shipping

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