iLawyer Apps awards Compass “a Grisham”

The newly launched iLawyerApps, which “strives to teach lawyers and attorneys that their iPad, iPhone and android (what?!) devices are more than just expensive calendars,” had a look at our Compass recently.

We solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about what they said:

“Enter the Compass mobile stand by Twelve South. It folds up easily and quickly into the size of two side by side pencils and feels nice and heavy. It comes with a very posh carry case that is black velvet.”

and then…

“I use it to have my Q&A outline during hearings. Don’t forget Judges are folks too and they get use[d] to the same old song and dance all day. Anything to set yourself apart is, in most cases[,] a welcome distraction. Just assure the bailiff beforehand that you’re not going to attack anyone with your stand.”

Their rating? Grisham (Fun, but nothing to do with the law)

We like this. After all, John Grisham‘s a best seller (and reportedly one heckuva guy). Compass is too. Get yours here, legal eagles!

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