Introducing GhostStand for MacBook

Twelve South presents a new product you can barely see. Introducing GhostStand, a modern, transparent stand that elevates any MacBook to a more comfortable viewing height. This elegant stand has two sets of soft, silicone rails; one set on top to grip your MacBook and one set below to protect your work surface. GhostStand is compatible with all MacBook models and is available now at and soon at Apple Store for just $34.99 / £29.99 / 34,99 €. More info and images can be found at

GhostStand is a clear, lucite platform that lifts the MacBook display six inches off your desktop. Pair this nearly invisible stand with a wireless keyboard and mouse to enjoy the comfort of a desktop from your portable MacBook. The refreshingly simple GhostStand is also great for those who like working with a dual screen setup to double their screen real estate. When you’re ready to pack up your MacBook and go, simply unplug your cables and leave an ethereal sculpture behind.

Each blade on GhostStand has double-inlaid, brushed metal rails lined with soft silicone to grip the bottom of your MacBook and protect your work surface. Along with elevating your MacBook to a more ergonomic viewing height, this ultra-light stand improves air circulation around your MacBook.

“Sometimes it seems the nicest things are the most expensive, and the lower cost items are a bit short on style,” said Andrew Green, Creative Director of Twelve South. “With GhostStand, no compromise is necessary. It delivers a timeless, sculpture-like design along with a very competitive price. In fact, GhostStand just happens to be one of the lowest priced MacBook stands on the market.”

GhostStand makes your MacBook appear as if it’s floating above your desk, while elevating your eyes and neck to a more comfortable working position. Sitting on your desk by itself, GhostStand is a work of art and conversation piece that is compatible with all MacBook models. Don’t be afraid to give this see-through stand a try. 
Order yours today for just $34.99 at

About Twelve South
Twelve South is a company dedicated to making one-of-a-kind accessories exclusively for Apple products. The company was formed in 2009 by former executives from the fashion and consumer electronics industries, and its design team includes the original designers of landmark products like the Griffin iTrip and iCurve, and the DLO HomeDock and DLO Relaxed Leather cases. More information is available at

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