iPad Insight: HoverBar “exceeded expectations”

iPad Insight Twelve South HoverBar Review

The reviews are rolling in on our latest product, HoverBar, so we thought we’d share one with you. It’s from iPad Insight, where the reviewer purchased his own HoverBar within hours of its release, and was one of the first critics to see one in person.

Here’s the scoop:

“HoverBar is an adjustable arm for the iPad 2 – that serves to ‘float’ the iPad 2 next to an iMac or PC display. It’s a simple, great idea – and one that is executed with typical excellence by the clever team at Twelve South.

The HoverBar is thankfully very easy to setup. I’ve tried out a few similar coil arms for the iPad and found them all cumbersome to deal with – this one was quick and painless. There are only three main pieces to it – the HoverBar arm, the iPad display clip with collar, and a two-way mounting clamp., and then an Allen key and a few little bits.

The hardest part was finding just the right place to position it on the desktop – as I don’t use an iMac. I also don’t use a stand to raise my MacBook Pro up at all (though I may soon grab one) – so I needed to find a good position and a good height for the HoverBar, as my MBP sits flat on the desk. Within about 15 minutes I had tried out a few positions and found one that I’m quite happy with.”

Here’s what his setup looks like now:

iPad Insight Twelve South HoverBar Set Up

More thoughts on HoverBar:

“I spent some time using the HoverBar last night and today the iPad 2 has rarely been out of it. Here are some of the things I like best about it:

– It’s very easy – and quick – to get the iPad 2 into it and out of it, and the iPad 2 feels completely secure while in it.

– It’s also simple to turn the iPad 2 from portrait to landscape mode and back again as often as desired while it’s in the HoverBar – and to adjust the angle the iPad is held at.

– The coil arm is immensely flexible – so you can literally bend it to your will in terms of finding the most comfortable position for the iPad 2.

– Because it’s so easy to move around and mount in different spots this is a very versatile accessory. It works very nicely for me even with my low-slung MacBook Pro – but I can also see it working well in the kitchen or living room. Oh, and I just love the idea of using it at times with a wireless keyboard to setup a pure iPad workstation.

As for complaints about the HoverBar, I really don’t have any. It’s easy to use, does what it says on the box and a whole lot more, and is already a very fine companion for my iPad 2. I had high expectations for it – and I’m happy to say they’ve been met and exceeded.

Read the complete review here at iPad Insight. And get your expectations exceeded by HoverBar here.


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