iPad4Legal: “Fully expect to see iPads resting in BookArcs in law firm reception areas”

iPad4Legal‘s Patrick DiDomenico is a true Apple die-hard fan (aren’t we all?) with a history of using Twelve South products. He took our Compass to the ILTA Conference in Las Vegas last summer, and blogged about how useful it was.

He’s got a BackPack for his iMac (though sadly no Steve Jobs action figure on it). And now, he’s given our BookArc for iPad a test drive. Thanks, Patrick!

“…BookArc is just as elegant and beautifully designed as the other Twelve South products. The device is simplicity itself. It’s made from a single piece of curved stainless steel with a slat cut in the center to hold the iPad. Silicone feet protect the table top from damage.”


“Some great ideas for the the BookArc include: (1) pairing it with an Apple Wireless Keyboard to use it as a work station;  (2) in the kitchen, use it to hold your virtual cookbook when following recipes; (3) use it to hold your iPad to display pictures during holiday gatherings.”

“More to the point of this blog, however, I fully expect to see iPads resting in BookArcs in law firm reception areas in the very near future.  Firms could use them to impress their clients while waiting to meet with their attorneys.”

The verdict? (Cue a Law & Order style “dah dah DAHH”)

“All in all, the BookArc is a solid addition to the Twelve South accessory line up.”

Get BookArc for iPad today…and start impressing those clients tomorrow!

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