iPhone 7: First Impressions from Darren Murph

If you managed to rise early (or stay up late, depending on location) and get your order through, you may be one of the lucky ones to already posses an iPhone 7. Our design team currently has OUR new phones traveling the globe to meet our production teams to get new accessories out to you as soon as possible! Since we haven’t had a chance to play with them internally we’ve turned to our resident tech insider Darren Murph to voice his opinions on the new hardware. Have a look below!


What I love: 

I’ve always been a regular upgrader, but the iPhone 7 Plus is the one I’ve been looking forward to most and not for a reason I’d classify as “pleasant.” My iPhone 6 Plus was stricken with the gray flickering issue that has been plaguing many users, so at the very least, I’m loving just how well the screen actually works.

Water-resistance: All jokes aside, it’s a massive relief to have an iPhone that’s water-resistant. I wish it were waterproof, and I wish it was rated more highly than IP67, but it’s a great start nonetheless. I’ve already splashed it by accident a few times, and the relief that quickly washes over once I realize that all is well can’t be overstated.

iPhone 7 Features

Cheaper: Thanks to Apple changing the storage tiers, the 128GB unit that was once top-tier is now mid-tier. Thankfully, that means that I’m paying $100 less for a 128GB iPhone 7 Plus than a 128GB iPhone 6s Plus was when new.

Camera: I’m a self-proclaimed documentarian, which means that my iPhone takes more photos than most. The dual camera system on the iPhone 7 Plus is a huge upgrade, and it’ll become an even more significant one once Apple rolls out the Portrait mode update in December. So far, I’ve been duly impressed with its low-light performance, the speed at which I’m able to launch into Camera and fire off shots, and the quality of 4K video captures.

What I like:

Stereo speakers: I’m not a fan of listening to music through the iPhone’s internal speaker system, but the more powerful innards do make for a nicer speakerphone.

3D Touch: I’ve found this feature useful at times, but I’m still unsure if it’ll change the way I use my phone. The new iPhone 7 is so quick at jumping in and out of apps that it almost renders the peek-and-pop function superfluous. (below photo courtesy of iMore)

iPhone 7 Widgets

Battery life: It’s still not as strong as I’d like, but the new processor arrangement enables the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to sip less power when not under duress. In practice, I’m able to eke out another hour or so of life in a given day.

What I’m still getting used to:

Design: On one hand, I appreciate that a device doesn’t have to look or feel different to be better. But something in me wishes that the iPhone 7 were just a bit more polished – a smaller bezel and an OLED display would be a good start.

Headphone jack removal: This one stings. I’ve already found myself trying to insert a pair of earbuds into my iPhone 7 Plus, and then remembering that my Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter is elsewhere. I’d be more willing to forgive this had Apple made the iPhone 7 truly waterproof, but it’s tough to lose such a ubiquitous port and only get quasi-waterproofing in return. (below photo courtesy of iMore)

iPhone 7 Close Up

Home button: For those who haven’t yet held an iPhone 7, get ready to be surprised – the Home button doesn’t move. Instead, it vibrates upon touch. I’ve gotten used to it, but I don’t love it. There’s a satisfaction I miss in feeling the Home button depress and pop back up.

So, early adopters, what say you? Let us know what you like and dislike by mentioning us @TwelveSouth!

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