iPhone 7 Rumors: From Hopeful to Hilarious

As we know, history has a tendency to repeat itself and habits are hard to break so we’re hoping that Apple maintains its annual release cycle for iPhone. According to a recent poll we hosted on twitter, you are most excited about the possibility of a full body redesign. This is just one of the many rumors circulating about the iPhone 7 that, if we’re lucky, is just a couple of months away. As we count down the days to something new, let’s take a look at some of the rumors that have gained strength thus far.

The Death of the Headphone Jack

This one’s been making the rounds for months, and what at first sounded laughable now seems definite. Apple has a history of dropping must-have components (we’re looking at you, optical drive) before the masses are ready, and in fact, the Moto Z smartphone has already launched without a dedicated 3.5mm headphone jack. Of late, leaked images have shown a new set of EarPods with an integrated Lightning connector, signaling that the next-generation iPhone won’t have a typical headphone port. On top of the Lightning headphones, there is the rumor that Apple will include wireless “AirPods” developed with the resources from the Beats acquisition. Although the prospect of having wireless headphones is an exciting one, we’re already putting away $ to replace the inventible loss of one of them!

So long, Black!

If new images are to be believed, Apple has a foursome of hues planned for the iPhone: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Space Gray. Notably absent? Black, and to a lesser degree, the shining white that looked so good on the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 series.

Water, Water Everywhere 

Far too many iPhones have been lost to unfortunate run-ins with water, and starting this fall, you’ll finally have the freedom to dip your smartphone in the ocean without a plastic bag wrapped around it. According to rumors, that is. Rival phone manufacturers have offered water-resistant phones for years now, so it feels fairly likely that the iPhone 7 will catch up here and give owners one less thing to fret over.

OLED, Oh My!

OLED, a more advanced type of display, is already used in the Apple Watch. And, if the rumors pan out, we’ll see next-gen panels appearing in the iPhone 7 as well. These would cost more, but would improve battery life and render imagery in even greater detail.

Slim & Trim

Don’t expect a radical design departure with the iPhone 7. Instead, we’re hearing that Apple will simply slim the body down (thanks to the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack), add stereo speakers, and remove the camera “bump” on the rear.

Good riddance, 16GB

At long last, the iPhone 7 will drop the 16GB entry-level model in favor of a 32GB version. Perhaps the biggest complaint from iPhone converts is the dearth of available storage to those who simply purchased the cheapest iPhone. Finally, the dreaded “not enough storage” message may be a thing of the past!

Say it Ain’t So

The remaining rumors that are circulating are a bit more unrealistic for this new iteration of the iPhone. Even though USB-C is all the rage on new MacBooks it’s unlikely that Apple will introduce this onto mobile devices just yet. Hoping for a 3D or flexible screen? It’s doubtful that either of these will be part of the redesign. Tired of carrying around all those charging cords? Wireless charging has been in the mix of mentions but so far there’s no evidence to support this theory, but we’re certainly keeping our fingers crossed!

No matter what we promise to have great accessories to support the new iPhone 7! Which rumor are you holding out hope for? Join the conversation @TwelveSouth!

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