“It’s Just a Box, Right?” BookArc packaging inspires…

We feel the packaging is just as much a part of the product as the product itself. After all you’re paying for it too. We also are responsible for what happens (or can happen – in an earth-friendly sense) with the package after it’s safely delivered its goods to you. These reasons and more are why we put quite a bit of effort into our packaging. We ran across a blog where our happy customer was just as moved by the packaging and the BookArc that came in it. She gets it too. Here’s some of what she had to say…

Aside from being utterly delighted and tickled that I’d found the perfect stand for Wilma, when I opened the box I noted the unique quality and craftsmanship of the container. And those who know me well know I LOVE containers. Anyhoo, inside the box was a four-page white brochure on smooth, quality paper with lots of negative space and straightforward copy:

  • Cover: BookArc desktop stand for MacBook owners guide, Twelve South logo
  • Page 2: What’s in the box, get your Arc ready to roll, installing and removing inserts, working with your MacBook closed
  • Page 3: 12 ways to re-purpose your BookArc box, have questions? and about Twelve South
  • Back cover: the words, “thank you”


Wow. I took a second look at the box after reading the 12 ways to re-purpose your BookArc box. Oh, my. They had some great ideas. And their list inspired even more ideas in my mind. I showed the box to Michael. At that very moment he was organizing his digital video tapes. We both looked at the box, looked at his messy pile of tapes and declared, “Eureka!” and every tape he had fit neatly and perfectly into the Twelve South BookArc box.

Voila. Thank YOU, Twelve South. You’ve got passion and you’ve earned my business loyalty. Keep it coming.

Thank you Terry. It’s customers like you that keep us inspired every day.

Read the whole blog entry here: It’s Just a Box, Right? « Passion Miner.

Learn more about BookArc (and its box) here. Twelve South BookArc

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