It’s “unofficial” – Compass is a “standout” iPad stand

The Unofficial Apple Weblog published its Holiday Gift Guide just now, and here’s what they have to say about our Compass:

“Many of the bloggers here at TUAW have a serious love affair with the products of Twelve South. The firm designs and builds accessories for Apple devices only, and the products show the love and care of true Apple fanboys.”

(Twelve South: Make that “and fangirls.“)

“When the Compass stand came through the TUAW review queue, all of us on the blogging staff fell in love with it. It’s a well-designed, lightweight, and just plain beautiful iPad stand. If there’s one iPad stand to take on the road with you, it’s the Twelve South Compass. Beauty and high quality don’t have to be expensive — the Compass retails for $39.99.”

Get yours here, fanboys and fangirls! (Makes a great gift if we do say so ourselves…and we do.)

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