Louder Twelve South BassJump System Software 1.0.1 Released

One of the great things about the BassJump is that it is partially a software based product. That means we can listen to customer feedback, tweak the software for requests and bugs – and release a FREE software upgrade to make a good product – even better. With that said, just before Christmas we released BassJump System Software 1.0.1 that features a fix when playing iTunes LPs (thanks Keith), a few clean-up compatibility fixes. But most importantly, with BassJump Software 1.0.1, BassJump is actually louder right out of the box. So we made our first speaker product even louder with just a free software update. Can any other speakers do that?

To update your BassJump Software to 1.0.1 now, visit the BassJump page and click ‘BassJump System Software Download” on the right side of the page.

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