MacFormat: PlugBug World gets 4.5/5.0 stars!

MacFormat PlugBug World Review

We’re fans of MacFormat, a terrific UK Mac magazine which features detailed reviews and great tips and tricks for Mac users…and we’re always delighted to find Twelve South mentioned in its pages! In the April 2013 issue, hitting newsstands this week, is this review of our PlugBug World:

“Out of the box, PlugBug World gives you a 2.1A USB charger for powering up your iPod, iPhone and iPad, and a selection of plug attachments so you can use it abroad as well as in the UK. It can also piggyback your MacBook’s power adapter, offering a two-in-one charging solution to use internationally. Why take two power bricks when you can get by with one?”

Why, indeed? And their rating…

MacFormat PlugBug World Review

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