Macgasm on MagicWand: “It’s a must-have”

Joshua Schnell, who writes for Macgasm, is pretty straightforward about his history of second-guessing Twelve South products. When MagicWand showed up at his door, he was skeptical, and fast forward a couple of days? He wasn’t sure how he lived without it.

Here’s the skinny on MagicWand via Macgasm and Joshua:

“Leave it to Twelve South to come up with a device that’s both so simple, and painstakingly obvious in hindsight, that it’s a must-have. The MagicWand literally connects your Magic Trackpad to your Apple Wireless Keyboard. You slide both devices into the MagicWand, connect the spacer, and away you go. The end result is a consolidated device: Magic Trackpad and Keyboard united at last. Like I said off the top, I was skeptical, but after playing with it for the last couple of days, I’m not exactly sure how I functioned without it. That seems to be the norm with Twelve South. They make great products that no one has ever thought of before. While I’m constantly skeptical about their products on release, they always live up to my expectation, and ofter surpass my early uneducated assumptions.  I should really stop second guessing Twelve South. They release great product after great product.  I should know, as I now own a BookArc, BookBook, BassJump and MagicWand.  Not one of them has disappointed.”

Aw, shucks, Joshua. (Blushes.) Now everyone else can get a MagicWand, so they can join you in wondering how they ever did without it.

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