MacLife on BookArc for iPad- “Simple, Sleek, and Solid”

A few months back, our perennial favorite BookArc for iPad was included in MacLife’s “Review Roundup” for iPad stands. Straightaway the editors noticed BookArc’s travel friendliness and viewing versatility.

Here’s what they had to say about BookArc for iPad:

Twelvesouth’s BookArc for iPad takes a completely different approach. Its curved aluminum base and rubber sleeve are all you need to keep your iPad upright. Since there are no complicated arms or hinges, the BookArc can be easily slipped in a bag for travel. The 22.4 oz. BookArc is a tad heavy, but it’s got enough heft to make it feel sturdy on your desk, even when gaming on your iPad. The reversible sleeve can hold your iPad vertically upright or at more of an angle that’s better for close-up viewing. There’s even a second rubber sleeve that’s sized to accommodate an iPad in a shell-style case, which is a nice option. BookArc solidly holds your iPad in either portrait or landscape, and it looks gorgeous doing it, too.

Learn more about BookArc for iPad here.

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