MacWorld: PlugBug “ideal for MacBook-toting travelers”

Macworld Twelve South PlugBug Review

Looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer? March on down to your local Apple Store and pick up a PlugBug. It’s red (and white, when paired with your recipient’s Mac power adapter), goes perfectly with Santa’s outfit, fits into a stocking, and won’t be left behind in an airport. And…it doesn’t hurt that your recipient will love it. MacWorld does.

In their words:

“The PlugBug is ideal for MacBook-toting travelers who frequently find themselves in hotel rooms with limited power outlets. This clever accessory melds with your MacBook’s power adapter—taking the place of the adapter’s own cable or wall plug—to let you charge your MacBook and an iOS device from a single outlet. The PlugBug’s USB port provides enough power to fast-charge an iPad; you just supply the USB-to-dock-connector cable. (Why not just plug your iPad or iPhone into your MacBook’s USB port? It won’t charge as fast as the PlugBug, and some MacBook models don’t supply USB power when you put them to sleep. The PlugBug also lets you charge your iPad or iPhone without unpacking your MacBook.) You can also use the PlugBug as a standalone USB charger.”

So make it a PlugBug Christmas, and delight the Apple-toting traveler in your life.


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