MacWorld’s Gear Guide for the Mobile Mac User Features PlugBug and BassJump 2!

MacWorld Reviews Twelve South PlugBig and BassJump

It’s a given that Apple users like to get out there. You like to “create” in small coffee shops, wide open spaces, fast-moving trains, crowded airports. And for all that creating on the go, you need gear. Not just any gear — great gear.

For that reason, MacWorld brings you its latest Gear Guide for the Mobile Mac User. And this time they’ve featured not one but TWO Twelve South products.

MacWorld Reviews Twelve South PlugBig and BassJump

Here’s what they said about PlugBug:

“To avoid schlepping multiple device chargers with you when you travel, check out the PlugBug by Twelve South. The $35 PlugBug snaps onto your MacBook’s power brick and provides its own USB port so you can simultaneously charge your laptop and a USB device (like an iPad, which won’t charge from lower-powered USB ports). In addition to providing a loaded power supply (10W, 2.1A), the PlugBug inadvertently serves as a plug adapter for MacBook users traveling to North America.”

We’re actually hearing that a lot — and selling a lot of them to people traveling to the US. One less adapter to remember to pack!

And then for the music lover who likes to get around…our newest way to rock the house, or hotel room, or even sleigh, the BassJump 2:

“Although we love our MacBooks, sometimes the sound quality of their built-in speakers just won’t cut it. For an extra sound boost, check out the BassJump 2 Subwoofer by Twelve South. This compact device connects to your MacBook with a USB cord and adds extra bass and midrange frequencies to your laptop’s built-in speakers. It’s compatible with third-party USB speakers as well as Apple’s Thunderbolt Display speakers, but make sure you have Mac OS 10.5 or later.”

So whether you’re kicking back to “Jingle Bells” or even something a little, well, louder and somehow dare-we-say-less-annoying?…BassJump 2 is the way to go. Get one for the music lover in your life (ahem, and also for yourself, since shipping is free).


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