Macworld UK: Six Twelve South accessories among their iPad “Favourites”

Macworld UK just made our week.  They published a roundup of  “17 of the finest iPad accessories” and among those six are made by yours truly, Twelve South!

Among their selections: BookBook Rutledge for iPad Air, SurfacePad for iPad Air and mini, Compass 2, BookArc for iPad, HiRise for iPhone 5 and iPad mini, and HoverBar!


In the review, they called our BookBook Rutledge “one of the quirkiest ways to protect the iPad” and went on to say that “…the hardback leather case not only offers substantial protection from daily wear and tear, but also provides the user a sense of uniqueness: given that each one is billed as being a handmade, one-of-a-kind product.”

Of SurfacePad for iPad Air and mini, they noted, “With its uber-thin design, the SurfacePad protects the screen of the iPad without bringing the added bulkiness that most traditional protective cases do.”


One of the most striking stands comes in the form of the Twelve South Compass 2 iPad stand,” Macworld UK noted. “Retailing at a reasonable £34.95, the stand possesses a handy portable feature, complete with carry case, meaning it can be folded up and used virtually anywhere. The easy adjustable features of the product mean that the iPad can be stored in either a landscape or portrait orientation, with the added bonus that theCompass can also be used as a typing stand. Its non-bulky form means it takes up little space, making it an ideal companion for minimalists.” Of our other iPad stand, the BookArc, they noted, “Available in two sizes to accommodate both the iPad and the iPad mini, the BookArc for iPad is a simple yet effective stand to provide a hands-free option to iPad users.” After checking out the HiRise, which works with both iPhone 5/5s/5c and the iPad mini, they wrote, “One convenient feature of the stand is that it can be adjusted to fit a range of cases using adjustable cable clips and a moveable rear supports. The adjustable setting means many popular cases including the OtterBox Defender can fit in the HiRise without needing to be removed. The stand is designed to work with Apple’s lightning cable, which allows for the adjustable components of the structure to work so well, providing the user with a well-fitting dock.”

Finally, of our HoverBar 3, they noted that “the HoverBar allows the iPad to be attached almost anywhere using a clamp that allows it to be secured to surfaces up to one inch thick. The flexible arm of the HoverBar means it can hold the iPad at any height or angle, making it a handy and convenient component for watching videos or for simply keeping the iPad out of harms way.” Since HoverBar 3 is compatible with practically any iPad, from 2nd-4th generation plus iPad mini and iPad Air, it’s the perfect stand to have around the house where there’s more than one iPad at work.

Read the whole article at Macworld UK. And learn more about BookBook Rutledge, SurfacePad for iPad Air and mini, Compass 2, HiRise for iPhone + iPad mini, and HoverBar 3 here.

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