MAKE Magazine on Compass: “My new favorite”

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. Brown paper packages tied up with string…” well, these may or may not be some of your fav-o-rite things. All lyrical nuance aside, here at Twelve South, we enjoy producing people’s favorite things.

And we REALLY love it when people pronounce a Twelve South product as their favorite, for the whole world to see. Oprah, for example, chose our BookBook for iPad as one of her Favorite Things for 2010, even featuring it oh-so-wonderfully-prominently in “O” Magazine. (Thanks, O. We’ll miss you but understand you’ve got some pretty huge new things cooking that you already OWN, and we can relate to the desire to work in your bunny slippers from time to time.)

This week we were thrilled to find that the cool DIY magazine MAKE calls Compass their new favorite iPad/iPad 2 stand. Writer John Park gave Compass a pretty thorough going-over, trying it on airplanes, in his workshop, in the kitchen for cookbook apps, as a mobile workstation paired with a Wireless Keyboard (always a favorite). His verdict?

“I’ve tried a few stands and even built my own, but my new favorite is the Compass stand from Twelve South.” Want to read more? Here’s the genuine article. Ready to follow MAKE and have a Compass as your own personal favorite stand? Get yours here — for a limited time, it ships free in the U.S.

Twelve South Compass iPad Stand

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