Mashable on PlugBug: “We’re in Love”

Mashable Reviews Twelve South PlugBug

So here’s a double whammy for those of you watching at home: Mashable picked our PlugBug for both its YouTube Video of the Day on November 1…and, without even waiting for Valentine’s Day, they told the world: “We’re in love.”

That’s the executive summary of what happened over at Mashable on November 1, but here’s the rest of the story. In their words:

“The gang at Twelve South, the company responsible for iPhone cases like the BookBook and stands for the iPad and MacBook Pro, has just unveiled their newest creation, an ingenious iPad/iPhone charger that seamlessly connects to a standard MacBook Air or MacBook Pro AC adapter.

Twelve South sent us a sample unit, dubbed the PlugBug and we’re in love.

It’s a simple idea with a winning premise of helping frequent travelers or those cramped for outlet space eliminate the need to carry a MacBook charger and a separate charger for a phone or iPad.

Here’s how it works: Attach the PlugBug to the normal duck cover on any MagSafe power brick (which includes the MacBook, MacBook Pro and Macbook Air). The PlugBug contains a two prong outlet and its own powered 10w USB port. What this means is that you can charge your iPhone or iPad without having to plug it into your laptop, all while also charging your laptop battery.”

And then they answered the Question of the Day:

Why is this better than just using the USB port on your Mac to charge your device? Well, the reason is twofold:

First: That takes up an extra USB port. If you are using a MacBook Air, that might mean the device has to vie for space with other components.

Second: It can take a lot more time to charge an iPad via your MacBook or MacBook Pro than through a wall connection. In fact, if your USB port isn’t powered, charging the iPad can take a ton of time.

Third: For business travelers, this eliminates the need to pack the external phone or iPad charger alongside the laptop charger.”

There’s more to the review, of course, but if we shared every detail you’d have no need of a helpful link to Mashable, now would you? Want to move in with your own red-hot PlugBug? Buy it today and fall in love tomorrow. Ships free, just in time to stuff those stockings.

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