Gifts for Mom: The Master of Multitasking

For better or worse, moms are masters of multi-tasking and these days they have more on their plates than ever before! This Mother's Day, we're rounding up our favorite multi-tasking products that will help make Mom's day a little easier.



Keys, wallet, AirPods - when you're running out the door.
BookBook vol. 2 for iPhone offers the convenience of a wallet case, with the protection of a simple shell when that's all you need. Searching through your purse for your AirPods is a thing of the past with AirBag for AirPods Pro. Now they have their own travel carrying case, so you can keep them protected, accessible and looking good, too!



TimePorter is a stylish and sleek carrying case for all of your Apple Watch accessories, that doubles as a charging stand for your bedside table. You can even use a backup battery to keep your Watch charged on-the-go! Outlets in high demand? PlugBug Duo allows you to attach to extra USB ports to your MacBook charger to maximize your charging space. Plus, with 5 international adapters, the next time you take a trip, you'll be ready to go!



All about AirPods.
HiRise Wireless, the ultimate multitasker, is a 3-in-1 charging stand for desktop, travel and even AirPods! With AirFly Duo you can pair 2 sets of wireless headphones to any audio jack, allowing you to share your workout, movie or podcast with a friend. 



Domestic Goddess
When you want a wireless charger that doesn’t look like a charger, PowerPic perfectly disguises your tech as home decor. Instead of another cable, you get to enjoy your favorite picture, and when you’re ready to charge you phone, just set inside the frame and you’re powering up! ColorKit for MacBook is the perfect way to brighten up her day. Which best suits her personality? Classic Black or Deep Rose or vibrant Coral or Aqua? 


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