Meet #12Days, our new blog series for the holidays.

Now that Turkey Travel, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us (we are still exhausted), we thought we’d try something new this holiday season. We’re calling it #12Days.

As in, the Twelve Days of Christmas. By Day 13 we’re all out of blog ideas anyway.


About #12Days: We’re going to put up one blog post each day through December 12. We have a few surprises in store along the way, so you’ll want to keep an eye on it. It’s OK if you tell your friends about this, but be cool — the Twelve South blog isn’t for everyone, it’s for you, you signed up for it, and you’re special. You know that. You are. (Your friends can sign up for the blog feed here.)

What you can expect from #12Days posts: iOS tips and tricks, favorite apps for Twelve South products, some storytelling and great photos, a few gift suggestions (including our sizes and favorite colors – kidding!)…and perhaps even a free gift for *you* along the way.

What you cannot expect from #12Days posts: Ten lords a’ leaping. Nine ladies dancing (except just this once), eight maids milking. Swans. A partridge in a pear tree. Free song lyrics.

Let’s do this. Welcome to #12Days.





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