Meet Fermata: The First Ever Headphone Charging Stand

Charleston, SC, November 2, 2016 – Wireless headphones have come a long way, offering the best in sound quality, noise reduction and mobility. Charging them is another story. With most wireless headphones requiring daily charging yet shipping without wall chargers, and newly designed laptops requiring adapters if they have extra ports at all, wouldn’t it be nice to have a stand-alone solution? Enter Fermata: a beautiful stand that not only holds and showcases your premium headphones but is also a full charging station that keeps you powered up so you’re always ready to rock.

When you press pause on Apple Music, don’t toss your premium headphones on a table or stuff them in a drawer. Keep them safe and sound by hanging them on Fermata, which is topped with a super soft, contoured leather saddle. The post is set back to ensure your leather headphone pads don’t rub against the support structure. The cable built into the post on Fermata has a clever, reversible micro USB connector that lets you connect it into your headphones with ease. When you’re not charging your headphones, the micro-USB cable stays tucked inside the Fermata post. That should be music to your ears.

The functionality doesn’t stop there. Need to charge your iPhone or iPad? Fermata can do that too, thanks to an additional USB port in the base, allowing you to charge simultaneously from one outlet. With the removal of the standard USB from the new MacBook Pro’s you won’t need a dongle to keep all your devices ready to go. The base of the stand acts as cable management so you can feed out just the amount of cable needed to keep your workspace streamlined and clutter free. Now you can have all of your recharging needs housed in one beautiful stand.

Fermata includes an AC wall charger, a two-meter charging cable and extra USB port, making it the all-in-one charger and stand that keeps your Wireless Headphones fully charged and ready to rock. Fermata will be offered in two variations – the first, which is available now, will include a wall charger for US/Canada/Japan. The second variation, shipping later this month, will include plugs for UK, Europe, Australia and China. Offered in matte black or silver, order yours now at for $79.99.

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