Meet SurfacePad for iPhone.

Charleston, SC, January 31, 2013 – Twelve South introduces SurfacePad for iPhone, the first accessory designed for the millions of iPhone users who prefer no case at all. SurfacePad for iPhone is a new breed of cover for iPhone crafted from a credit card-thin layer of Napa leather that weighs less than an ounce. It’s not designed to withstand a two-story fall or a dip in the pool. SurfacePad shields your iPhone from the keys in your pocket and the concrete countertop at your favorite restaurant, all while letting the beautiful iPhone still look like, well, an iPhone. Made exclusively for iPhone 5 and 4/4S, SurfacePad for iPhone is available now at for $34.99. More info and images can be found here.

What makes SurfacePad special is what it's not: a military-style rubber grenade for your iPhone.  SurfacePad is an ultra-thin, luxury leather cover that shields iPhone  or 4/4S from the more typical hazards of life, like the change in your pocket, jump drive in your backpack or the nail file in your purse.  It allows you to set your iPhone down on rough spots like a concrete bench or stone tabletop without worrying about scratching the sleek surface of your iPhone.

The modern, minimal design of SurfacePad beautifully complements the stylish design of iPhone. Holding an iPhone wrapped with a SurfacePad feels like curling your fingers around the leather steering wheel of a luxury automobile. Whether you choose Pop Red, Modern White or Jet Black, SurfacePad gives iPhone a distinct, luxury look and elegant feel. 

SurfacePad for iPhone attaches to the phone using the same special adhesive as the  SurfacePad for MacBook, which leaves zero residue behind when removed. The re-useable adhesive makes installation easy and allows users to peel off their Modern White SurfacePad and put on the Jet Black version when the mood arises.

The surprise feature of SurfacePad for iPhone is its built-in display stand. The stand is sewn into the back of this micro thin cover, allowing SurfacePad to flex just enough to prop up iPhone horizontally on any flat surface. This nifty, built-in stand makes a great cartoon player at a slow restaurant, bedside alarm clock or a stand for hands-free FaceTime chats. 
“There are many iPhone owners who wouldn’t be caught dead with their iPhone in a thick, oversized plastic case,” said Andrew Green, Creative Director of Twelve South. “So, just as we did with BookBook for iPhone, we’re inventing a whole new category of covers. SurfacePad is a gorgeous layer of luxury leather that shields and enhances the look and feel of iPhone. With SurfacePad covering iPhone, there’s still no doubt you’re holding an iPhone. Just don’t call it a case... call it a SurfacePad.” 

Made with premium Napa leather, SurfacePad for iPhone does not interfere with any of the iPhone buttons, ports or camera. The feather light cover is less than 1/10th of an inch (1.7mm) thick and weighs less than one ounce (25 grams). The smooth leather cover is backed by a soft, supple microfiber to protect the iPhone screen. SurfacePad for iPhone is available in Pop Red, Modern White and Jet Black for iPhone 5 and 4/4S. Enhance the look and feel of your iPhone by wrapping it in a thin leather SurfacePad. Order today at

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