MyMac on Compass for iPad & iPad 2: “Everything about the Compass is first-rate”

MyMac Twelve South Compass for iPad Review

Those delightful people over at MyMac certainly stay busy. Since 1995, they’ve been bringing Mac lovers the latest news and reviews on all types of Mac-centric add-ons and originals. So we’re always happy when they take the time to review one of our products. This time veteran critic John Nemerovski took a hard look at our Compass, and it sounds like he’s in love.

Here’s what John has to say about our Compass after taking a close look:

“Think of an elegant easel for a fastidious Lilliputian artist, and you’re half-way home to picturing the quality, configuration and size of The Compass: Seven inches tall with a five inch lower leg span. Let’s be honest: It’s fun to play with it! It needs to be held and manipulated to show off  the elegance of its design, construction, and finish.”

There’s more about how it works in his review, which you can read here. But his conclusion?

Everything about The Compass is first-rate. It’s very light-weight yet sturdy, and when folded into a 3/8 inch thick, seven inch long tapered shape, it snuggles neatly into its black velvet carrying bag with a red elastic band to secure it, and a flap to keep it clean.

The Compass, priced at $40.00, is a worthy sibling to The BookArc, which is priced at $30.00. The Compass’ display box isn’t as exciting as The BookArc’s faux-leather multi-use box, but it’s attractive and offers an instructive cardboard sleeve that describes and pictures the two ways to configure the stand.

Twelve South appears to respect its customers and to want them to enjoy its products. It succeeds with both The BookArc and The Compass.”

Thanks for the review, John. Glad you enjoyed Compass. Everyone else can get their Compass and BookArc for iPad and iPad 2 right here.


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