MyMac reviews “clever and beautiful” BookBook

MyMac has been covering technology since 1995 — the early days of the Internet, before Twelve South was even a glimmer in its founders’ eyes! So to say they know their stuff (and have seen pretty much everything) is an understatement.

Rich Lefko at MyMac recently took our BookBook for a spin with his iPad, and here’s a little bit about his experience:

“The BookBook for iPad is a handmade, hardback leather case that resembles a vintage tome. Not only does it provide physical protection for your iPad, but adds a level of security because of its uncommon design. Can it fool anyone? I took the case to work with me and approached several fellow employees. No one took special notice of the BookBook in my hand. However, when I held it up and said, “Take a look at this old book I found,” each person attempted to open the BookBook as if it was a real book. Each person laughed and asked me, “What is this?” When I unzipped the case and revealed the iPad each person had a big smile on their face. They were completely fooled.”

“If you were to leave your BookBook on a coffee table, on a desk, or in a dorm room, I am convinced no one would know your iPad is in there. Since each BookBook is hand distressed, no two will look alike.”

MyMac’s conclusion about our BookBook?

“The BookBook for iPad is clever and beautiful all at the same time.”

Clever + Beautiful = Cleautiful. That’s it! BookBook is “cleautiful!” (We think so too.)

Get your own “cleautiful” BookBook right now. Makes an outstanding gift, if we do say so ourselves.

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