adds BookArc to its “Must Have MacBook Accessories for College Students”… included our BookArc for MacBooks in their list of “Must Have MacBook Accessories for College Students“. Even cooler though, the author Carter Sprunger reveals the BookArc is a key component in his own personal set-up. Its one thing to mention a product, it’s quite another to recommend a product because it’s sitting right on your desk and you use it yourself every day.

This is my current set-up, which I enjoy very much. When paired with an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse, the BookArc allows you to truly get a desktop feel when you are at your desk. Just slide your MacBook into the stand, connect your monitor, and your are good to go. The design allows for better heat dissipation as well as well as safety from items on your desk that may scratch your MacBook. Also, with your MacBook closed, the video RAM goes directly to power your external monitor, providing a considerably faster experience.

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