Oh, Canada: The Globe & Mail Says the Nicest Things About BookBook

The Globe and Mail Review s Twelve South BookBook for iPhone

World traveler Bruce Kirkby probably travels a little lighter than most of us. Having just returned from two weeks in Asia, he’s truly road-tested the things he needs most…and determined what really makes the cut when he’s on the road.

His piece in Canada’s The Globe and Mail, “Take Just the Basics When You Travel (Especially When They’re This Cool)” reveals how this seasoned traveler thinks about packing:

While I’m a “basics” traveller, there are fundamental differences between what I pack for a business trip, a budget backpacking venture, a resort holiday and a major wilderness expedition. Anything that eases the rigours of business travel is good. The more “home-like” each day is, the better.

But too many treats from home can weigh a traveller down, creating a cocoon that limits the opportunity for spontaneous and unexpected interaction. I see people who bring everything to their tent or their room in a resort – their favourite pillow, music, movies, books – and then never venture beyond the front zipper or door. Why did they bother to go to Kathmandu? Suck it up and get outside!”

We couldn’t agree more. So we’ve taken good notes on the things he considers necessities (though we’re going to have to look into this “Blundstones” thing). Among them are:


2) MACBOOK AIR (Bruce carries an 11″)




Here’s why he chose BookBook for his MacBook Air:

“If you are going to carry the Mac Air abroad, consider protecting it in the uber-stylish BookBook, a hardback case disguised as a leather-bound vintage book. I appreciate the fact my laptop remains incognito, and I know the BookBook must be cool because every single security agent comments on it.”

Check out Bruce’s photo below — can you spot the BookBook? Get your own MacBook Air-hugging BookBook right away, available in 11″ and 13″ with free shipping in the US.

The Globe and Mail Review s Twelve South BookBook for MacBook

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