On BookBook for iPad 2: Love and the Ultimate Litmus test


We recently received this eMail from a customer and had to share it with you. It “literally” made our day!

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Hello Twelve South,

I just wanted to offer this quick note of thanks for your awesome products.

I have had a lifelong love for the look, feel, esthetics (and yes, even the smells) of a well-worn antique book. When I discovered your BookBook cases, I felt almost as if it was a product custom made for me.

I recently purchased an iPad 2 as an accessory for a BookBook iPad case. (Yes, I wanted the BookBook case BEFORE I ever wanted an iPad, and finally getting the iPad gave me the perfect excuse to order a BookBook case. In fact, I placed the order for the BookBook first.) I received the BookBook recently, and I love it.

Is it a convincing disguise for a legitimate classic book?  Let me offer you the following:

I took my daughter to our weekly visit to the library the other day, and approached the counter to pay an overdue fine. I laid my iPad (in its BookBook case) onto the counter so that I could get my wallet from my pocket, but I kept the BookBook on the very edge of my side of the counter so as not to appear to present it  to the librarian.  But before I knew it, she had already reached all the way across the counter, grabbed my BookBook and started to go through the motions of the check-out process. I was caught off-guard and didn’t know what to say in order to alert her to the fact that it was not a real book, but I couldn’t get a word out before the mild shock set it on her face. It was unzipped at the moment, so she flipped open the front cover, and sat there, mouth hanging open, and confused. She slowly closed the cover, turned it sideways to look at the spine, and then opened it again. By that time, I was able to explain to her that it was an iPad in a special case designed to look like a book.

She called an associate over to the counter, and they both marveled at the case. (their attention to the iPad was insignificant – they were taken by the BookBook.) Considering that each of them handles probably several hundred books each day, I found this experience to be a very validating commentary on the convincing design of the BookBook, and genuine quality craftsmanship of your products.

Keep up the great work, and thanks for a great product.

-Best regards, Jon

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Thanks, Jon. Book lovers like you are why BookBook exists! Love books? Get a BookBook for your iPad or iPad 2.

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