“One of the best accessories out there”… iDownloadBlog Reviews HiRise for Apple Watch

We’re always thrilled when our gear is reviewed – especially when the piece is thorough and complete with great photos and insights. Christian Zibreg at iDownloadBlog has reviewed the HiRise for Apple Watch and our review – of his review – is 5-stars! Here are some highlights…


There’s value in detail, and this reviewer provides just that.  Zibreg writes…

The HiRise’s mount suspends your wearable device in portrait mode at 73 degrees, making it appear as if it’s floating in mid-air and at just the right height for you to be able to interact safely with the device while it’s charging.

The tilted angle lets you easily check the time at a glance while lying in bed, see alerts while glancing over at a countertop, showcase the device to friends when you aren’t wearing it and more.

Recognizing the need for protection as well as stability for your Apple Watch, he also adds…

And thanks to silicone accents, at no time will your wearable gizmo and its band make contact with the HiRise’s metal parts—a particular concern for owners of the easily-scratched stainless steel Apple Watch models.

If you’re a fan of Twelve South’s design philosophy and own an Apple Watch, then I’d say yes, go ahead and treat yourself to this nicely designed accessory. It’s durable, sturdy and versatile and I don’t think you’ll regret getting yourself one of these.

Read the full review here, and check out the HiRise for Apple Watch for yourself here!

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