Our favorite Twelve South Customer Service question…

Here’s an actual email, word-for-word, from Customer Service today.

I think the BassJump could be a big hit for PC-laptop users as well.
I have not seen any products like this before, for PC-laptops. Have you?
Will you develop this product for that market as well?

Thank you

Hi [pc],

Sorry, but Twelve South is committed to making accessories exclusively for Macs. Thanks for your interest and question. If you ever get a Mac, we have some wonderful accessories for you.

Twelve South Support Team

We get this question several times a week. It is so fun to tell them no But that’s Twelve South – not just Mac ‘friendly’ – we’re Mac only. Really. We wish there were more ‘Mac Only’ companies around. Then again, we’re just fine being one of the only ones too.

Check out the Mac Only BassJump here.

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