PadVance: PlugBug “a must-have accessory”

PadVance Twelve South PlugBug Review Must Have Accessories

Just out today from the writers of PadVance is a great review from a true road warrior! During a mere 10 days of travel, PlugBug got a workout in five airports, at a major trade show (CES?), and spent several days at the hospital (the PlugBug was feeling fine but the reviewer needed to go).

Here’s the 411 from 10 days of rigorous use (though you probably know how this ends from the headline):

“If you use your MacBook exclusively at home or at work then the PlugBug might not seem that useful to you. If you spend any time on the road with your MacBook or bring it to coffeehouses then you have an idea of how useful it can be. Over the last 10 days I’ve been to the airport five times, attended a major trade show, and hung around a hospital for several days. In many instances, I only had access to one power outlet, either because other writers were competing for them or there was only one available. The PlugBug allowed me to keep my MacBook and phone/iPad charged.”


“…the PlugBug is a small device. It’s also very light, which is important for road warriors. When it’s not in use, you can keep it capped and slip it into your bag. When you need to charge your MacBook and an additional device, it takes seconds to uncap the PlugBug and slip it on top of the MacBook power adapter.

I can’t image traveling without the PlugBug. There’s not much else to say about it other than that it’s the perfect accessory for mobile MacBook owners. It’s small and immensely useful. What’s not to like?!? I suppose people that detest the color red or dislike accessories that sound too close to “butt plug” might have an issue with this product, but everyone else (i.e. normal people)? No way. If you bring your MacBook on the road and also bring your iPad, iPhone, or any device that’s charged via USB then I strongly recommend the PlugBug.”

So don’t be one of those under-equipped road warriors who struggles to sweep his or her hotel room for leftover chargers before each departure. No, spend that time tipping housekeeping. You’ll be the person who grabs his or her red PlugBug and hits the road with time to spare. Get your PlugBug now…ships free. (Hospital stays sold separately.)


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