Restless Tech: “PlugBug is a winner”

Restless Tech Twelve South PlugBug Review

The guy behind Restless Tech just so happens to be named Jeff Mac. Oh, OK, not really…but he’s got a name that starts with a Scottish Mac and ends with something else and was previously just long enough to be confusing…so he blogs as Jeff Mac. Which means he’s our kind of reviewer — Mac-centric like we are.

Here’s why he thought he needed PlugBug in the first place (doesn’t everyone?):

“I am the kind of person that has multiple chargers for almost all the electronics I own. Sometimes it was intentional but often it has come about because I got to my destination and my power supply didn’t.

There are numerous reasons for this, not the least of which comes from having three daughters that know where I stow my gear. These same sweet, precious girls are better at borrowing than returning.

My general solution for this is to have a charger for all my important electronics stored in my briefcase. I don’t use these chargers on a daily basis , but they are my power sources on the road.

The downside of this is too much crap in my case, too much weight on my shoulder and a constant interest in paring things down.”

Exactly why we came up with PlugBug. We had the same problem ourselves, minus the three daughters.

“For me the PlugBug was an immediate “aha!” moment as I pictured pulling another power supply out of my bag of tricks for good.

As with most great ideas, the PlugBug is that kind of slap your forehead obvious that is so elegant it is amazing no one thought of it before. The PlugBug slots into the same place that the AC prongs or AC extension cord fit into on your Mac power supply. It then adds a USB port that supplies 10 watts of USB power to drive your devices.

My first test of the PlugBug was using it compared to the Apple charger. Two original iPads were charged from completely dead to 100% using each charger. The time for both was practically identical at 4 hours each, so the PlugBug is perfectly in line with the Apple charger.

Comparing the PlugBug to the USB port on a 2011 MacBook Pro yielded a bit different results. The same completely dead iPad took right at 5 hours. Of course the previous 15″ MacBook Pro I owned would not charge my iPad at all, so the PlugBug is better than a current MacBook and LOTS better than previous generations.”

Executive Summary?

“To me, the PlugBug is a winner. I love the build quality of it and the operational functionality is exactly as advertised. Two thumbs up.”

Get your own road-warrior-approved PlugBug now. But you’ll want to act fast — these babies are H-O-T for Christmas!


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