Review: The SurfacePad is ‘awesomeating’…

Excerpt from the review:

“I never had any complaints about the feel of the aluminum before, but I’m quite happy to have the SurfacePad on now because of how it makes me feel about the whole machine. It’s an extra layer of customization that is mine alone, and it just makes me feel as though the black leather accent makes my computer stand out amongst the other brushed aluminum bodies out there. I see the SurfacePad as another way to make the MacBook Pro classier, and the flowery textures along the bottom aren’t emasculating – but awesomeating instead. I’m going to just leave you with that fake word and move on to the next paragraph.”

read the entire review with more pictures at Review: TwelveSouth’s SurfacePad for the 13″ MacBook Pro | Just Another Mobile Monday.

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