Run Around Tech on SurfacePad: “Feels fantastic while your hands are resting on it”

RunAround Tech Twelve South SurfacePad for MacBook Review

Run Around Tech is known for chasing down technology, and we’re glad they caught our SurfacePad for MacBook Pro. As a self-proclaimed “Apple fanboy”, Marc Hawkins loves his Apple gear, and decided to pick up a SurfacePad to keep his new 15″ MacBook Pro looking as beautiful as the day it left the Apple Store.

So what did he think of our “black leather shield of protection” for MacBook Pro?

Out of the box, the SurfacePad comes in two pieces, each with a plastic, peel-away backing. Three small stickers on the back of the pieces outline the steps to install the accessory. Starting with the keyboard deck (ie. the bottom of the laptop when looking at it from the top), you peel back a small piece of the plastic backing. This allows you to line-up the cover with your laptop and  fit over your trackpad. After that is in place, you peel off the second half of the bottom case and finish sticking it to the laptop. The second strip of leather in the package is designed to fit the area between the top of the keyboard and display, complete with a cutout for the power button.

RunAround Tech Twelve South SurfacePad for MacBook Review

Installation was much easier than I thought it would be. I always seem to have to put these types of products on, then spend an hour trying to get the spacing even all around the device. Whatever substance Twelve South uses as an adhesive – it works. The cover didn’t slide around at all during the several hours I’ve been using it. I was easily able to peel the cover back off while adjusting for the perfect fit. Even after a couple “stick down -> peel off -> stick down” cycles, the SurfacePad is still as sticky as it was when I first took it out of the box.

Based on my experience so far, I would highly recommend this accessory for any MacBook user. It offers great protection for the keyboard deck – which I find often starts to get grimy after only a couple days of use. It also feels fantastic while your hands are resting on it.

Add a layer of stylish, yet protective leather to your MacBook Pro by picking up a SurfacePad here. (Miss the multi-colored Apple iBooks of yore? SurfacePad Colors are also available to add some “retro” style to your Mac.)

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