See BassJump Subwoofer give a HUGE boost to new 11-Inch MacBook Air sound…

The new 11-inch MacBook Air is incredibly tiny – but it actually added full stereo sound! As usual, the built-in speakers are quite good for their size – but we wondered what a BassJump could do with the new 11-inch MacBook Air. We shot a short video showing the difference the BassJump makes when listening to music on the new Air – and it’s pretty awesome. In a rush? The real ‘WOW’ moment – is at 52 seconds…

[Video not playing? See it here directly from YouTube:  Twelve South BassJump with the New 11 Inch MacBook Air.]

So what? Well remember – it’s only connected via USB for power and audio – meaning no AC plugs when traveling (or adapters when traveling intl). It’s a massive boost to the sound for presentations, movie watching, hotel room music, etc. And it’s doing it all by making the the speakers you already have (the built-in MBA’s) sound better – instead of just replacing them with powered externals.

We think the BassJump is a no-brainer addition to a MacBook road warrior’s set of tools.

Get more info on the awesome Twelve South BassJump here.

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