Smoking Apples Gives Compass a Smokin’ Review: “Perfect in every dimension!”

OH those nice people over at SmokingApples! They love love love our little Compass, enough to shoot some great photography and do a detailed review.

Some of their exceptional photography:

And oh, the compliments! It’s enough to make a girl blush. Some highlights:

“It’s reviews like this that makes me wish I didn’t impose a no-swearing rule upon writing. The Compass is an amazing stand for the iPad, so perfect in every dimension, and oh yes, it’s multi-dimensional. The first thing you experience, is Twelve South’s legendary packaging; second only to Apple. Slide the box out of its outer casing. Then pull the top cover that’s holding the Compass together. Slide it out, and you’re holding a surprisingly heavy piece of metal. Inside the box is, is a beautiful document, suggesting ways to use the compass, and ways to use the box. It certainly is a pretty box. (12S: Why thank you.) But suddenly you’re done admiring the packaging, and onto the prize of the day.”

And some details about using it…

“The Compass is very sturdy. The thing is forged from heavy gauge steel with silicone padding. You can place your iPad on it without even thinking about it. Tap freely. The silicone pegs at the bottom hold it there, so you can press the home button without having to hold the iPad, it’s so sturdy.”

“…Typing on this thing is amazing. The reclined angle is just perfect. Move the back leg flat down, and raise the little leg at the back. When you look at it, it appears as if the foot pegs will come in the way of your typing, a doubt raised by one of the comments on our press release. They don’t. Not once did I have the problem. There’s another thing. If they do come in the way, you can push them in and use the iPad flat on that incline. The iPad rests on silicone padding, so it doesn’t slip down from that angle.”

In conclusion:

It’s so perfectly angled. You can connect your dock connector cable to it. It has the best typing angle ever; I really flew through this article. And it’s so rigid you’re never afraid the iPad is going to topple over. Add to that it’s one gorgeous piece of metal. At $40, I think it’s totally worth it. Now whether you need/want/must have one, is entirely your call.”

But you do want one, don’t you? Get it here.

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