Surprise! Custom leather iPhone Bumpers improve reception on iPhone 4

The whole Twelve South team got the new iPhone 4 yesterday. Like many others, we noticed that if your hands or fingers touch the antennas on the iPhone, it reduces signal strength and reception. Being the innovative team that we are, we found a solution right in front of us.

We took our SurfacePad for Mac leather cover and cut 2 strips out of the very top strip of the SurfacePad. We then trimmed 2 strips to 125mm and 80mm and attached them to the sides of the iPhone.

First off – it looked awesome. The colors from the SurfacePads added a nice splash of color to the iPhone (like the plastic Apple Bumpers – but in leather). The different colors also let us tell our iPhones apart from each other.

Here’s the real shocker – our homebrew SurfacePad bumpers actually improved signal strength on the iPhone! No kidding. Something about not touching the side antennas with your hands increased reception by at least two bars! We quickly cut out colored ‘bumpers’ for everyone in the office and they just work great!

We just wanted to share this awesome hack to all of our Mac friends. This might be just the trick that let’s you use your new iPhone to its fullest potential.

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