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ActionSleeve in Action
It’s been a few weeks since we launched our brand new ActionSleeve Armband for Apple Watch and the reviews have been pouring in. When we were developing this cool new innovation, we knew there would be a lot of ways to incorporate it into your training regimen, but as always, you have sent in lots more that […]

Meet Cameron Massengale

Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest innovation, ActionSleeve Armband for Apple Watch. As development on ActionSleeve continued, we found a wide variety of athletes who admitted that tracking their fitness goals was imperative to their training regime but that wearing their tracker on the wrist wasn’t always ideal. With the popularity of sports like kickboxing, weightlifting and CrossFit training, where your workout requires protective gear or full wrist mobility, you need to remove your Watch and thus lose out on all the important tracking data.


Get the Most from Apple Pencil
Apple is appealing to the artist sector with their iPad Pro range and now with Apple’s introduction of Pencil, it’s ushering in an entirely new method of input for these devices. For those who’ve picked up a 9.7-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro, it’s worth splurging on a $99 Apple Pencil, from doodling to note taking and […]

Travel Smarter with Apple Watch
Now that we’ve launched the TimePorter travel case for Apple Watch, it’s even easier to take your wearable technology on the road with you. You’ve used the map functionality to get around, scanned your messages to make sure there’s nothing urgent back at the office, and checked the weather at your destination but there’s so much […]

The Time Has Arrived for TimePorter
Charleston, SC, May 3, 2016 – Last month, Twelve South unveiled the design for TimePorter, a beautiful new travel tote and portable charging stand for Apple Watch. Today, the Company announces that it is officially ready to ship to customers. Resembling a luxury eyeglass case, TimePorter holds your Apple Watch charging cable, extra Watch bands, USB chargers and […]

Why You Need Compass 2 iPad Stand
We’ve heard from quite a few Mac pros that one of the most underrated accessories you can buy for the iPad is a high quality stand that allows you to take advantage of all the uses for your device. With all the new features and benefits, the iPad is no longer a single-purpose tablet. More and […]

Back up your Mac with BackPack and HiRise for iMac
We love using our Macs because they’re so easy to use and we rarely have problems with them. However, on the rare occasion you do have computer issues, it’s essential to have a backup. Here’s MacWorld’s Christopher Phin on why it’s so important to back up your Mac: If, tomorrow, something goes wrong with your […]

Your new drawing tablet is iPad Pro and Pencil
Since we got Apple’s Pencil, we have not been able to stop doodling, drawing, and sketching. So far, AstroPad is one of our favorite apps to use with our Pencil and ParcSlope. Astropad allows you to turn your iPad into a graphics tablet and draw directly into Photoshop right from your iPad. iMore made a […]

ParcSlope is the perfect creative easel for iPad Pro
Originally created for MacBook, ParcSlope is the perfect angled desktop stand for creative work on the new iPad Pro. Set iPad Pro on the silicone-padded ParcSlope and draw with Apple Pencil, bang out beats in GarageBand, or manipulate on-screen controls while you sketch with your other hand. If iPad Pro is your new digital canvas, […]

The fantastic, flexible HiRise is the charging dock for everything Lightning!

HiRise charges with Lightning, which now powers much more than just iPhone and iPad. Starting at just $34.99, HiRise is the only dock you need to charge your Siri Remote, Magic Keyboard – even your new Apple Pencil.

BookBook Customer Stories

“It was a great ending to what could have been a bad day.”

The short story is I lost my iPhone 6+ this summer while on the Intimidator 305 – a roller coaster at Kings Dominion. It flew out of my pocket at the fastest point.

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