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Celebrate Mother's Day with PowerPic
Every mom appreciates a beautifully-framed photo of her child; why not make it the only wireless charger on the market that also functions as a sophisticated wooden picture frame? The PowerPic fast-charges any Qi-compatible phone, and the gorgeous New Zealand pine frame holds any 5x7 photo. And now, to celebrate the giver of life, we are partnering with our friends at mpix to receive three free photos for your new PowerPic. In addition, receive free two-day shipping and save $20 on a se...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
The luck of the Irish is with you this St. Patty’s Day! Twelve South is giving away a free koozie with any purchase this Sunday, March 17th only! 

Meet Cameron Massengale

Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest innovation, ActionSleeve Armband for Apple Watch. As development on ActionSleeve continued, we found a wide variety of athletes who admitted that tracking their fitness goals was imperative to their training regime but that wearing their tracker on the wrist wasn’t always ideal. With the popularity of sports like kickboxing, weightlifting and CrossFit training, where your workout requires protective gear or full wrist mobility, you need to remove your Watch and thus lose out on all the important tracking data.


Your Apple Watch is About to Become Way More Powerful
It’s been a little over a week since WWDC16 and we’re still excited about the upcoming updates to all of the Apple software – especially watchOS 3. Since going on sale just over a year ago, Apple’s first wrist wearable has already ticked through two major software updates but that hasn’t stopped development of even more updates. […]

WWDC 2016 Wrap-up
This year we have partnered with Tech Guru and Global Editor in Chief at Tech Radar, Darren Murph to get the inside scoop and his take on the upgrade announcements from the Apple WWDC 2016. Each year, Apple hosts thousands of developers in San Francisco for its Worldwide Developers Conference. This summer the keynote presentation opened the week of […]

Everyday Carry from our Mac Daddy
With Father’s Day just 9 days away we asked Twelve South Co-Founder, Creative Director, and Super Dad Andrew Green what makes up his everyday carry. As an Apple super fan it’s no big surprise that there are a lot of gadgets packed into his Booq backpack but what makes his picks daily neccesities? “My mind is […]

The Best Apple Watch Bands You’ve Never Heard Of
It’s summer vacation time, so make good use of our TimePorter and bring a Watch band for every occasion. Apple sells a healthy selection on its online store, but there’s an entire world of bands outside of that first-party universe. If you’re looking for a more diverse array of options, or you’re interested in using an existing […]

Why Is PlugBug World Red?
I bet you thought the answer was simple – red is Twelve South’s favorite color (after all, it is our logo)! In actuality we can’t take credit for making the PlugBug World red. When Andrew Green, Creative Director for Twelve South, was designing the adaptor he bounced the idea off the original Mac Evangelist and Twelve […]

Show Us Your Spring Style for a Chance to Win!
As part of our release of new SurfacePad covers, we’ve launched a new Color Selector that allows you to play with color combinations for iPhone and iPad. Mix and match the new Lavender and Midnight Blue hues with the classics to create a style all your own. And since SurfacePad attaches to your device using SurfaceGrip, […]

Show us your dual-screen set up and win a HiRise for MacBook
At Twelve South, we love great images and we’ve loved seeing our background collections on dual-screens around the world. We partnered with the amazing Scott Gordon to capture the San Francisco Bay during the golden hours, and the pictures are magical. We’re calling the new collection Sky Lights. So to celebrate our new background collection, […]

Behind the scenes: the Spectator Hotel
We love showing glimpses behind the scenes, although we can’t show you what we were shooting yet, we couldn’t resist sharing this shot of one our favorite Charleston spots, the Spectator Hotel. Have a favorite spot in our hometown, Charleston, South Carolina? Tell us about it on Twitter. Have a favorite BookBook photo? Tag us […]

Celebrate why you #LoveMac
January 24, 1984 is when Apple released the first Macintosh computer – announced with the famous 1984 Super Bowl ad. The ad came out January 22nd – today!- in 1984. Since we’re Apple-only, and passionate about Macs, we’re celebrating the Macintosh’s birthday. Use #LoveMac on twitter, and tell us why you love your Mac or why you made the […]

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