TechCrunch: HiRise “looks like a Mac Pro mini, is actually an iMac storage locker”

Tech Crunch Twelve South HiRise for iMac Review

From the cyber pages of TechCrunch last week came a mini-review of our HiRise for iMac in which our latest product was (favorably) said to look like a Mac Pro mini. Here’s the skinny:

“In the cut-throat world of desk organization, style often trumps functionality. In the case of Twelve South’s HiRise, style meets functionality. See what I did there?

The HiRise is a little storage locker designed to sit under an iMac or Cinema Display. The front panel folds down, revealing an adjustable shelf and storage space large enough for even a Mac Mini. But that shelf — oh, Twelve South is so clever — allows the HiRise to display an iMac at the same height as a Cinema Display.

…So rather than resorting to propping up an iMac with a phone book or reams of paper, iMac owners now have stylish and functional solution in the HiRise.”

Put your own not-so-stylish reams of paper back in the filing cabinet and get your iMac up on a proper pedestal. Pick up your HiRise today…and elevate your iMac to new highs tomorrow. Be sure to check out the whole review at TechCrunch.


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