TekRevue: BassJump is an “ear-opening addition”

TekRevue Twelve South BassJump Review

Wondering how to improve sound quality on your Mac without extra speakers? We’ve got one word for you: BassJump. According to website TekReview, which performed an in-depth analysis of everything from battery life to side-by-side audio samples using BassJump and not,

“…the beauty of the BassJump is that it can improve sound quality without the hassle, extra wires, and power cord required by external speakers. It’s easy to throw the BassJump in your bag to bring on vacation or business trips. Bus power also means that you can use it just about anywhere. And, for those who prefer the “Apple aesthetic,” the BassJump fits in perfectly. Even when using it with an iMac or Cinema/Thunderbolt Display, the device will look great sitting on your desk.

…What matters most is that when I first unpacked the BassJump and planned to do some quick initial listening, I ended up spending about 2 hours just listening to music. The sound quality, while not perfect, was so much better than what I was used to with my MacBook Pro that I was simply drawn into the experience.”

Check out the full review. And get the ear-opening BassJump for your own set-up here, which ships free in the USA.


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