The BMW of Computer Accessories

I just got a loaner car – a BMW X5 – for a few days. I just have to say, it’s Be – U – T – ful. Really, I’m so impressed. The finish is flawless, sound system is the best I’ve ever heard, it drives, well, like a BMW. All the little details are so nice. The music slowly fades when you turn the car off. It’s just a little bit better than everything else. You feel that difference in almost everything they do.

Which brings me to the analogy. Twelve South is a new company with big goals and big ideas. We try to put extra thought and extra detail into everything we do. If you’ve seen our BookArc packaging or the 12 additional items in the BackPack, I think you’d agree. We don’t want to be the biggest accessory company in the world, we just want to be the best.

So, can a little company in Charleston SC be the ‘BMW of Mac accessories?’ I don’t know, but what an amazing goal to strive for. Did I mention the BMW X5 is built in South Carolina too? Maybe thats a sign.

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