The Post and Courier: “BookBook Lends an Organic Feel”

The Post and Courier Twelve South BookBook for iPad

The (Charleston, SC) Post and Courier begins its article on BookBook this way:

“Devotees of the book, those steadfast defenders of the actual physical volume, may have to rethink their resistance to the cold techno-gizmo that is the electronic book. Buyers on the fence may finally topple off. A Mount Pleasant company (Ella: that’s us, Twelve South!)  has devised a product that lends an organic feel to an iPad or MacBook, offering great security in the process.”

As they say, here’s the rest of the story, including an explanation of the Twelve South Product Philosophy from our Creative Director and Co-Founder Andrew Green.

“Meet the BookBook, the latest foray from Mount Pleasant-based Twelve South, a 16-month-old firm dedicated to rendering Apple products as user-friendly and convenient as possible, but with a certain elegance of design.

BookBook for iPad ($69.95) is a handmade, hardback leather case with a vintage look that doubles as an adjustable stand. Not only does the case afford the sensation of holding a book, it disguises the contents when closed.

“To us, it just makes complete sense,” says Twelve South co-founder and Creative Director Andrew Green, who started the company with his wife, Leigh Ann.

“The BookBook gives you something warm to curl up with, rather than a cold instrument.”

First designed for the MacBook laptop computer, and now improved for the iPad, the BookBook was an outgrowth of its creators’ drive to have something more protective than a simple neoprene case typically employed as containers for their notebook computers.

“But we also wanted it to look more interesting,” Green says. “Enclosing a high-end piece of equipment in what looked like a venerable old book made sense for a MacBook. When the iPad came out, it made even more sense. We experimented quite a bit to create the BookBook as it is now.”

With its hardback cover and spine, the case offers crush protection that a folio or other form of sleeve does not.

“It goes well beyond the schtick of putting a tablet in a book. It has much more structural integrity than a soft, wrap-around material, and it doesn’t scream ‘Steal me!’ in a coffee shop. Neoprene cases are so recognizable that they are an open invitation to thieves. We’ve actually had buyers tell us they accidentally left their BookBook in a cafe, came back an hour later and it was still there.”

“That was a secondary feature for us as we were designing it, but buyer feedback made us believe it’s really a primary one.”

Twelve South makes accessories exclusively for Apple hardware. And the company name reflects a sensible goal.

“Apple products are our passion,” says Green, who moved to Charleston here from Nashville five years ago. “We’re lucky enough to have a great relationship with Apple retail stores, and many of our products are in their stores all over the world. The title of the company symbolizes the fact that we don’t want to produce hundreds of products, but about 12 good ideas a year. We don’t want to throw hundreds of ideas against a wall and just see what sticks.”

Thanks for the great coverage!

BookBook is carried in Neiman Marcus and select Barnes & Noble stores, as well as right here at Twelve South.

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