The Showt on BookBook: “Antique Your iPad” (Or iPad 2)


Joshua Siegel, editor over at the Showt, was kind enough to give us a heads up about their review of our BookBook. They’re clever writers over there at the Showt (and we love clever writers just about more than anything, it seems), so we thought we’d share what they had to say:

The other day someone in the Virgin lounge at JFK stopped to ask us if we had purchased our reading selection at Bauman Rare Books and whether we prefer French first editions or British.

We chuckled and told them we were actually looking at freshly released photos of ourself on and that the livre was actually a BookBook, the latest iPad cover from Twelve South. The BookBook, which masks your iPad to look like a rare antique book, comes in two equally authentic styles and serves as both a practical iPad case and a stylish accessory for those looking for something more subtle than the sleeve-style offerings from Gucci and Goyard.

And for the record, we prefer French first editions—with their frilly filagree and delightful drawings—over those stoic English storybooks.”

Mmm…more subtle than Gucci or Goyard. Nicely worded. We’d expect nothing less when a BookBook is involved. Get yours here for your original iPad OR your iPad 2, and be sure and join the conversation at the Showt here, you sophisticate, you.

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