The Twelve: Thirteen things we love this October

October is one of our favorite months of the year: it finally cools down, we open up the windows of Twelve South HQ and get some fresh air, and everything is spooky! We’re taking a break from eating candy and admiring the redesigned BookArc to bring you this month’s The Twelve – which, for the month of October, will be the thirteen.

AirbnbThese Airbnb creative retreats have us packing our bags. Speaking of places to stay….

We love mid-century modern, so of course we all love the Hotel Okura. It’s being torn down – so we’re looking at their photo gallery of their interior and exterior.

We have been loving the Project Apollo Archive. It’s amazing looking at the vintage views- before Google Earth – but the photos of the astronauts being human are some of our favorites. It brings the rest of the images into scale.

Apple released new iMacs and Magic Accessories, but we are obsessed with this throw back iMac pin from Laser Kitten. Want to sign up for updates about new Twelve South for the Magic Accessories? Sign up here.

Secret Society Font
Secret Society is the perfect font for all of our spooky invitations.

Want to listen to something creepy, but fun? Check out Welcome to Nightvale.
Want to creep yourself out and be smarter because of it? Check out this spooky podcast round up from Stuff You Should Know.

We try to be thoughtful with everything we design – so we love seeing the process that Pixar goes through. Love this article on their design process from Wired!

No matter who you are, you could always use some productivity advice from Oprah.

Since it’s Thanksgiving to our friends in Canada, here’s a quick article from Business Insider talking about the differences between American and Canadian Thanksgiving.

We’re heard Ferrari went public, but we’re tickled that their ticker symbol couldn’t be any more perfect- RACE. Read more here.

We love the work Violin et Jérémy did for Paris’ Le Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord – a collection of colorful abstract paint, ink, and watercolor.

This 4k video from NASA has us changing all of our settings on our 6s.

There are the Twelve (un)lucky Thirteen things we love this October!

Is there something you think we’d love? Tell us on Twitter.

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