The ultimate in BookArc box recycling

While we love getting email or mail that espouses people’s love for our products, our eye toward the environment — keeping in mind the world our children, and their children, will inherit from us, landfills and all — makes us uniquely happy when we hear of creative ways that people are recycling our packaging.
Yesterday we got a real winner! It’s such a cool idea that we’re tempted to do the same ourselves.

Here’s the message we got:
“I recently received a BookArc as a gift; and after reading through the ideas suggested in the BookArc manual on ways to use the BookArc box I decided to use it for an enclosure for a stereo amplifier I designed. I have attached a couple of photos of the amp. It turned out to be the perfect size and saved me the time/money of making my own enclosure.
…Thank you for making great products (and product boxes)!
Jonathan Jordan”

Well, Jonathan, you’ve showed a lot of ingenuity here. (Very impressed with you as a recent Clemson grad!) Check it out for yourselves:

Twelve South Box Recycling
Twelve South Box Recycling

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