The Wall Street Journal: Compass “the minimalist perch” when your tablet is your sous chef

The Wall Street Journal Twelve South Compass for iPad Review

In his article “Tablet as Sous Chef”  for The Wall Street Journal, writer Kevin Sintumuang makes a really good point about cookbooks: They’re lovely, collectible, and engaging…but not, it turns out, all that comfortable to cook with. We’d have to agree, having about, oh, 24 different ones that we flip through from time to time.(Our personal favorite? The New Best Recipe from Cook’s Illustrated, though our brother-in-law, who uses it frequently, lovingly refers to it as “The Best New Way to Use Every Cooking Implement in Your House.” And he’s half right.)

Back to the blog post. Among many useful iPad implements, our Compass was featured as The Minimalist Perch, which makes sense — as Compass is designed to virtually disappear when you’re using your iPad, so the iPad is the star of the show. More here:

“Inspired by a mechanical compass, this mini-easel has a solid feel and rubber padding in all the right places, so you’ll never feel like your iPad will accidentally slide off. It can hold your device upright, as shown here, but you can place it at a lower angle as well. When you’re done with the compass, simply fold it up and toss it in a kitchen drawer.”

We love using Compass in the kitchen. Get one for your own aspiring Martha-Stewart-Paula-Deen-UVOO-using-wonder-person today. And if you’re in a pinch for V-Day, well, it does come in red.


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