“There’s a bunch of products to hold your iPad… My absolute favorite is the BookArc.” – ModMyi.com

The great team at the all Apple news site, ModMyi.com took a look at the BookArc for iPad this week. They concluded that of all the stands for iPad, the BookArc for iPad was their “absolute favorite”. They also mention my favorite thing to hear a reviewer say – that they didn’t just review the product and move on – they love the product because they use it every day! Check it:

There’s a few things that are always on my desk. Speakers, a couple Apple Cinema Displays, a couple USB hubs, a couple iPhone Xtand’s, a couple KidRobot toys, and my BookArc for iPad from TwelveSouth. There’s a bunch of products that exist to hold your iPad when you’re not holding it. Sure. My absolute favorite is the BookArc though

via BookArc for iPad – ModMyi.com.

Learn more about BookArc for iPad here.

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