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Although it feels like just yesterday we were writing about tips for post graduation, despite our denial, we are coming up on on the end of summer, which means for all of those not-yet-graduates, Back to School. With students today relying more and more on technology, it’s imperative that they have the tools to support them for organization and focus. To make sure you’re prepped and ready to hit the books we’ve pulled together these 12 must haves (not including the classic needs like pens, paper, highlighters and so on) to setup for a successful year ahead! As an added bonus, all the Twelve South gear listed below is currently on sale to help you ease back into the school year.

Twelve South GhostStand

  1. GhostStand: When you’re writing papers or doing research for long periods of time at your desk it’s important to have your screen elevated to eye-level. Place any MacBook on top of GhostStand to raise it to optimum viewing height and when you’re ready to go simply unplug your cables, grab your laptop and head to class.
  2. Chegg Textbook Rental: Not only does Chegg allow you to rent your textbooks saving you some serious cash, but when it’s time to cram you will have access to a library of over 2.5 million step-by-step textbook solutions to help you through your hardest assignments and problem sets.
  3. Compass 2: Since you’ll probably be using your iPad a lot this year for note taking and study sessions, the Compass 2 stand for iPad is a must. Flip down the secondary leg for a comfortable typing stand during lectures or use the tripod to display your device in portrait or landscape when referencing assignments.
  4. MyHomework Student Planner: If trying to juggle class schedules, homework assignments and test dates seems overwhelming, we have a solution in MyHomework. This app lets you color-code all your events based on due dates and syncs up with a desktop account option to keep you focused and on task.
  5. BaseLift: This super-thin lap pad and stand that attaches to the bottom of any MacBook. When you need a stand, simply fold it up to elevate and angle your MacBook for comfortable typing and when folded flat it protects your thighs from the extreme heat or cold of the metal. No matter where you study you’ll be more comfortable and therefore more productive.
  6. Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones: Whether you’re studying in a crowded dorm lounge or your family room, concentration is key. Block out all the distractions with these Bose headphones – the best wireless noise cancelling headphones we’ve found yet!
  7. BookBook: When it’s time to hit the library you’ll feel right at home with your MacBook wrapped in our iconic BookBook case. Featuring two hardback covers for everyday protection, a rigid spine with reinforced corners and an interior lined with soft padded cushions, your laptop will have the ultimate in protection.
  8. Mophie Powerstation: Charging your gear on the go is often a challenge, but not with this handy little battery pack. The powerstation 3X external battery is one of the thinnest, most compact power solutions ever created by mophie. This conveniently-sized battery is slim enough to slide into your pocket, yet powerful enough to charge two devices on-the-go.
  9. Evernote: This amazing app lets you type and synchronize notes, photos and voice memos from your iPhone to the Web making it a true blessing for anyone who is organizationally challenged. Notes are searchable and tagable making it even easier when it comes time to study for the big test.
  10. HiRise: Keeping your devices charged and ready requires some extra credit accessories. Keep unruly cables organized and streamline your setup with this iPhone and Apple Watch bundle.
  11. gFlashPro: When it comes to studying, flashcards are tried and true, but why not upgrade from the old school notecard. gFlashPro not only allows you to create your flashcards in a Google Spreadsheet and upload directly to the app, but you can also share your cards with classmates, teachers and parents for the ultimate digital study session.
  12. Boa Squeeze by Booq: Now that you’ve got all the best gear, you need something stylish to carry it around. The Boa Squeeze bag is crafted from the water-repelling nylon and even though loaded with pockets and a dedicated padded laptop compartment, its extreme slim design and sleek lines guarantee not to weigh you down.


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