Today’s iPhone: Compass 2 “a great refinement on a modern classic”

Today’s iPhone had a look at the newest version of one of their old favorites, our Compass stand for iPad.  The new and improved edition re-aligns the feet for increased stability that now works for all iPads, including iPad mini.

“Its design is immediately recognizable,” Today’s iPhone critic Cam Bunton writes, “but some key changes have been made.”

“First off, the resting “feet” are higher up to lift your iPad further away from the surface of your desk/worktop. That means you’re no longer forced to charge it in landscape mode. A Lightning cable will easily fit underneath now that there’s a gap of around an inch to work with. As well as that, the hinge near the top isn’t as loose, and the entire stand is a little wider giving it sturdiness and a little extra weight. The rubber protection pads are also thicker to protect the back of your iPad from scratching against the metal. Vitally, the legs don’t open as wide any more, making it less likely that your iPad mini will slip off the stand when you’re reading or writing in portrait.”

Ch-ch-ch-changes are, in this case, a really good thing. Order your Compass 2 in Silver, Tactical Black, or Candy Apple Red today.

Check out the full story at Today’s iPhone.

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